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Drain Cleaning

ActFast drainage engineers carry out many drain cleans on a periodic bases at several different types of buildings like cafes, restaurants, take aways, pubs, casinos, hotels, factories, shops, offices which are carried out on a regular maintenance bases which in turn helps to prevent any possible blockages recurring, more often or not drain blockages normally happen during busiest opening times and sometimes result in closing shops or businesses until the drainage problem has been cleared and resolved this in its self can result in inconvenience and loss of turnover profit and valuable customers, we have found that it makes good sense to carry out prevent care maintenance on drainage systems and customers that have this regular type maintenance on their drains would normally not encounter any drain blockages unless due to miss use in some cases. 

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Drain Cleaning Methods

All of our ActFast drainage vehicles have all the right equipment to do the job with drain cleans the most effective method is using high pressure water jetting which is a diesel powered engine that drives a central fugal or piston pump generating high volumes of water flow and pressure, this is then flows through a rubber wire reinforced hose which is fitted with different types of jettng nozzles they then fire high pressure water jets within the drain pipes some of which will also spin cleaning the whole circumference of inside the drain pipe and bring them back to the same clean condition and standard as the day they were installed, we can also attach stainless steel lances which are great for removing heavy fat scale inside manhole chambers and sump tanks.


Sump Pumps and Tanks

ActFast drainage engineers carry out one off cleans to sump pumps, septic tanks and cess pits or on a regular bases if required, we have found that sump pumps more often than not they stop working due to a build up of fat scale and debris which at times the float switches become stuck or entangle therefore not switching on the pumps at the required levels when the tanks needs to be emptied, also septic tanks, cesspits and bio filtration systems can become blocked more often then not near the entry where the drains disrupts into them this does not always become apparent or noticed until the system becomes totally blocked and not usable then turning into an emergency situation more often at the worst possible moment.


Cleaning and Sanitisation

Where drains have been unblocked or drain cleaning is being carried out we can also sanitise the inside of the drains and affect areas like patios, paths or hard surfaces with disinfectants and also use de greasing agents which can be applied through the high pressure water jetting machine and the water flow as well as being directly applied helping to reduce the risk of germs spreading and contamination, where there have be flooding drains this may be required even more so where it’s possible for human contact and in food preparation areas, we also offer a full flood cleaning service.


Drain Cleans Being More Cost Affective

Drainage systems can tend to be forgotten about until all goes wrong and as drainage engineers we attend many emergency situations where there are blocked drains causing floods and in some cases have affected shops, restaurants, take away, pubs, night clubs, along with working environments and other business alike, and more often or not they have to close for health and safety reasons and ask their customers and staff to leave, not only causing an inconvenience but also resulting in loss of turnover and profits for their companies and possible loss of valued regular customers and also production, there is no guarantee that you won’t get a toilet or drain blockage even after a full drain clean as sometimes toilets and drains can be simply misused by others at times, but we have found over the years that regular maintenance care prevents this from happening and blockages are far less likely to accrue and happen as most drain blockages are in fact caused due to lack of maintenance and build ups of fat scale and other debris not only does a drain maintenance care plan make sense it also helps regards health and hygiene standards and sets a good president for any company or business in doing so. 

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